Some recommendations for improvisation

Use “Yes, and”: Look & listen carefully to ideas and suggestions of other people. Use them as components to create additional, continuative or new ideas. Support the ideas of other persons.

Be present: Take in as many details as possible: The room you are inside, the things that wait there, people who use it in different ways; your own resources, ideas, urges to talk, move and act.

Start anywhere and don’t hesitate: There are endless ways to start something; use a way that is very obvious, right in front of you, just now.

Be average: Use anything that is at hand and don’t try too hard to be original. Often the very first idea is just fantastic…

Prepare and don’t prepare: On the one hand learn, look & listen, think about settings, manifold and dialogue orientated methods. On the other hand: Embrace the wobbly, the uncertainness, the unpredictable and use their power!

Use and give presents: Be aware of the capabilities of people around you and ask for them – offer your own and dare to share.

Enjoy the journey: Smile, look at successes, “small” and “big” steps. Use your optimism and your power of resilience.

Alter and develop these recommendations using your intuition, awareness and improv wisdom.