I am at the moment at the conference of the Applied Improvisation Network http://appliedimprovisation.network/. It’s a global network with over 5.000 members. People who use methods and the framework of improvisation methods in fields like education, counselling, therapy, business, facilitation, teamwork, healthcare, humanitarian sector, theater and improvisation training…

I came aware and member of this network in the time of the preparation of the congress in Amsterdam, 2010 (the congress is yearly in the USA and every three years in Europe, and I can highly van recommend to take part to that or to regional meetings of the AIN!

Im very grateful that “my university”, the St. Pölten University of Applied Sciences is making it possible for me to participate at this congress. I am also supported in doing my thesis on Applied Improvisation in Higher Education (http://www.improflair.at/zum-begriff-improflair/improflair-die-dissertation/improflair-englisch-summary/). I will be part of a facilitating team, doing a workshop at the conference, applying some results from their and the topic of how to use Applied Improvisation for research.  http://ain2016.shdlr.com/conferences/talk/22555

I am often at various conferences. Since the last two years mostly in fields of Higher Education and didactics, but I also know the “feeling” of conferences on healthcare, social affairs or social media. And this conference really is special in many ways – here are some aspects of it:

In the next days I will write more of the experiences here and are happy for any comment and addition!

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